Webinar Series

As Daisy Day has had to be cancelled this year, we didn’t want our members to miss out on all the important learning and insight that we usually get from the day. So here we have put together a series of webinars, with experts covering a whole range of POI topics.


Part One

Join our specialist doctors Dr Marie Gerval, Dr Kate Maclaran and Daisy Network Chair Amy Bennie, to answer your questions on all things POI.


Part Two

Join Sam Evans on her discussion on sexual health and intimacy with POI.

Part Three

Join Michelle Robinson on the subject of “Learning to love yourself again in POI – Dealing with the Mental Emotion side of POI”


Part Four

Join Becky Kearns on her Egg Donation journey,⁣ Nia Fisher on Positively Childfree⁣ and POI Specialist, Dr Kate Maclaran⁣