Dealing with this difficult time.

We are all going through difficult times at the moment. We could all use some help to manage what is a strange and unusual time in everyone lives. Here we hope to provide you with some tips to help you manage. 

Create a routine.

Unless you are a key worker, most of us are finding ourselves adjusting to working from home, and being out of our usual weekly routine can be quite unsettling. We are creatures of habit and it can come as quite a shock to suddenly be spending all your day at home without deadlines and set lunch breaks. To help ease yourself into the process, it’s very helpful to create a new ‘at home’ routine. You might find it helpful to get up at the same time each day and stick to a set timetable for the day. We do admit that one of the perks of home working is being able to wear your comfies all day, but instead of staying in your pjz, it’s better to get yourself dressed (even if it’s equally as comfy lounge wear). 

Get moving

Exercise is so important for mind and body, especially during turbulent times. During this time while we have to stay home, we can’t stick to our normal routine, of classes and gyms. Setting aside a specific time for exercise will help bring some order to your life, and make sure you are having that time to focus on your mental and physical health away from all external stresses. You can choose to do a little bit every day or a long session a few times a week, whichever, it’s great to get yourself moving. From online pilates, or HIIT classes, there are plenty of videos online that bring your gym classes to your living room. You can find free videos on youtube, sign up to an app, and even many subscription websites have lifted their fees for the next few months. 

Go outdoors

As we will all be aware, the government are allowing us to take one form of exercise outside of our homes. This is really important. Whether it be walking your dog, a quick jog around the block, or yoga in your back garden, it’s important to get outside. As we get into spring the sun is coming out and, especially for those of us with POI, we need that all important Vitamin D for our bone health.


It’s understandable that are brains will feel like they are going a million miles an hour. With things that seemed so mundane like food shopping, now a full scale operation, and there’s the worry of caring for others and not knowing how long this will be going on for. It is easy to get caught up in thinking about the ‘what ifs’ and ‘whens’ and forget to focus on the present. Grounding is really important. Thinking of the bigger picture in all of this, yes it might be frustrating that you’ve had to cancel holiday plans, but it will pass and that opportunity will come again. One of my favourite quotes to remember is “You are not stuck at home, you are safe at home”. How lucky are we that by staying in our homes we are staying safe and saving the lives of others? .

One way to stay present and grounded is through mindfulness activities to calm down those brain spirals. Mindfulness meditation apps are a great way to practice quieting your mind through breathing exercises. 

If meditation isn’t your thing, perhaps try colouring in, it’s a proven method of mindfulness and it’s also fun.

A nice simple technique if you feel your anxieties getting carried away is the 5 senses technique. 

Notice 5 things you can see

Notice 4 things you can touch

Notice 3 things you can hear

Notice 2 things you can smell

Notice 1 thing you can taste



A huge struggle of this period in time is being away from friends and family and not being able to pop by and visit them. But connection is so important. Set up a daily videocall, join an online pub quiz. You are never too far away. Communication is such an important tool to know you’re not alone. It’s wonderful to see groups of friends who would usually find it difficult to all meet up in the same place due to busy lives, reaching out to have an all important catch up. Technology means we don’t have to miss out on that wonderful therapy that is communication with our friends and family. 


Having POI during this time can be an extra added stress. For those going through fertility treatment, it can be very upsetting to find that all NHS procedures are currently on hold until this outbreak passes. Fertility treatments can be a gruelling and an all consuming process, so make sure you take some time for self care to process your feelings of loss and change of plans. 

When it comes to your HRT, there may be a delay in getting prescriptions due to the strain on doctors and pharmacies. We recommend getting extra prepared and putting your prescriptions in a week early to make sure that you don’t run out. 

Remember Daisy Network is always here for you and our live chats will be continuing to offer you any support you need during this time.


There is no right way to be. Whatever you are thinking and feeling, it’s all OK. 



(If you would like to talk to a professional, please take a look at the counselling directory)