Hi everyone! I’m Ana, and I’m the new Regional Coordinator in Canada for the Daisy Network.

I was diagnosed with POI at 14 in 1998. I was diagnosed before puberty had a chance to complete. I struggled significantly with my self-esteem and mental health due to my delayed physical development and infertility for many years.

I grew up in a generation where there was no social media or Google. I had no real support and grew up feeling very alone and ashamed of my illness. I educated myself as much as I could throughout the years on POI with the little resources available at the time. All I ever wished for was to meet someone like me, or someone older like me, so I would know I was going to be ok.

It wasn’t until this past January when I began blogging about my personal experiences with POI and infertility, that I began meeting women like myself around the world, and came across the Daisy Network. It was the first time in 23 years that I didn’t feel alone. I only wish I had started blogging sooner.

Although I work full-time, I dedicate every single spare minute of my time to spreading awareness and offer support to anyone struggling with POI. I’m super pumped to volunteer for this amazing organization, and fulfill my passion of helping others in need.  I was alone in my POI journey, and I never want anyone to feel alone. We’ve got this together! To all the teens diagnosed today, I see you, I feel you, I’m here with you always

I’ve been happily married for 8+ years and we have our wonderful dog Max. I love to write, read, travel, cook, photography, dance and old movies.  Spanish is my first language, and I was born in Costa Rica. I came to Canada when I was 9 with my immediate family.

My DM and email is always open: :  Instagram: @anaokyscloset

Local Menopause Specialists

Specialists/Clinics & Helpful Links

Shirley E. Greenberg Women’s Health Centre – Riverside Campus
1967 Riverside Dr. Ottawa, Ontario, K1H 7W9
Women’s Health Centre, 7th Floor

Tel.: 613-738-8400 ext. 81725


Mount Sinai Hospital – Premature Ovarian Insufficiency Clinic

600 University Ave, Toronto, Ontario, M5G 1X5

Tel.: 416-586-4800

Proud Fertility – Egg Donation & Surrogacy Canada


Ottawa Fertility Center


Anova Fertility & Reproductive Health