Daisy Day Online

It is with great sadness that we announce Daisy Day 2022 has been cancelled. With the rail strikes on and before the event, more than half of our speakers and guests are no longer able to attend, so had to make the difficult decision to cancel the event. Any outstanding tickets for the event will be refunded and we cannot apologise enough for the situation.

We will however, be holding an online Daisy Day, on the week of Menopause Day, starting week commencing 17th October 2022. For this event, our planned speakers with be joining us online for a series of webinars, giving you the opportunity to ask questions live. We will also be holding giveaways via our social media and will be introducing our new free fundraising packs. Keep your eyes peeled as we will be back, hosting Daisy Network Pop-Up’s across the country, with hope to meet you all!

Additional information on the events and tickets for Daisy Day online will be available soon and once again, we apologise for any inconvenience caused by the cancellation.

Please see the below list of speakers that will be featured in our Online Daisy Day 2022. More information, online event updates and what to expect on during the week will be available soon on our website and via our social media.

‘Daisy Day Online’ The Speakers:

Hayley (@Prematuremenopause14): Hayley will be joining us to discuss her own POI Story after being diagnosed as a teenager, her journey to motherhood and why adoption was the path for her.

Melanie Davies (University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust): Consultant in Reproductive medicine, looking after women who have POI as a result of cancer treatment, and for women with Turner Syndrome. I work with consultants in endocrinology and also with fertility specialists and counsellors. I write articles and lecture on POI. Co-chaired an international group producing guidelines on POI which were published in 2015/2016 and I’m not working on the update. I am leading the POISE study which aims to find the best hormone treatment for women with POI.

Victoria Bell (CNM Trained Registered Nutritional Therapist): Specialising in supporting women with IBS, digestive issues and menopausal symptoms. Combining nutritional therapy and health coaching with breathwork coaching and mindfulness. Victoria offers a unique person centred and non-diet approach. She advocated for her clients with their doctors and helps with testing to learn the route causes of their issues. Victoria has an online practice, making her sessions available to clients all over the world. She especially loves to share knowledge by delivering talks to groups and writing about nutrition and wellbeing.

Jess, Laura and Ciera: I was diagnosed with POI at the age of 15 and my sisters, Laura and Ciera, have been pivotal in supporting me throughout my journey. I am honoured to be sharing the stage with them at Daisy Day to speak all about our experience navigating POI, sister egg donation and our relationship with one another throughout it all. We can’t wait to share our story as well as have the opportunity to speak to others with POI and learn from each other’s experiences.

Samantha Evans: Samantha Evans co-founded Jo Divine, an online sex toy company, with her husband Paul in 2007 which only sells skin safe sex toys and irritant free sexual lubricants. Having a professional background in nursing, she is a features writer and sexual health and pleasure expert for Jo Divine. With extensive knowledge about skin safe sex toys and irritant free sexual lubricants, she enjoys creating informative, practical articles about sexual health and pleasure which endeavour to normalise sex, help people to talk about it and discover ways to enjoy sex in whatever way they want to or can. As a menopausal woman, she advises people of all ages going through natural menopause or as a result of medical or surgical treatment, including post cancer, about ways to enjoy sexual intimacy and pleasure using skin safe products.

Becky (@definingmum): Becky was diagnosed with POI at the age of 28 when she was starting to think about building her family. After multiple rounds of IVF and miscarriage she eventually redefined her path to parenthood and what it means to be a mum, embarking on egg donation. She’s now a mum to three girls and as @definingmum shares her story and supports others on this path to parenthood.

More speakers to be announced soon!