Welcome to the regional page for Daisy Network in the Midlands.

Here we provide information and contacts for those who have been diagnosed with POI and want to find local support.

Local Menopause Specialists

Menopause Clinic Birmingham
Birmingham Women’s Hospital Metchley Park Road,
B15 2TG
Dr Lynne Robinson

Join Us

I’m Amanda, the Midlands representative for Daisy Network. After being diagnosed aged 13 and feeling like the only person with POI, I am dedicated about making sure that others, especially teenagers, do not feel alone. I have shared my experience on social media and my youtube channel including my Donor Egg IVF treatment. I am aiming to set up regular meetings and events with ladies based in the Midlands. Please contact

And I’m Beth, also a Midlands representative for Daisy Network based in Leicestershire. I was diagnosed with POI at 15 years old and since struggled with my diagnosis. After 9 years, I found the Daisy Network and have since dedicated my time to help those in the same position to ensure every woman and girl receives the support and help that they deserve. My story has been shared online, on social media and has recently been shared in an upcoming book. Alongside Amanda, we aim to support as many women that we can within the Midlands with regular meets and events. If you would like to know any further information regarding events and local meet up’s or you would like to get in touch, please email me at