Biancas Story 

Hi my name is Bianca, I received my diagnosis while trying to become pregnant, aged 36.

Until that moment, infertility had never crossed my mind. Let alone Premature Ovarian Insufficiency.

Thankfully I could pay for medical care, exams and all.

In this process, I found a myoma in my uterus and decided to get rid of it before any infertility treatment.

Doctors took a look at my ovaries and said they were very small. The best way to go was egg donation.

Now I´m 38, mother to a cute little boy.

Just recently I´ve been able to focus on learning more about my condition.

That’s how I found  Daisy Network.

There is so little about POI in Portuguese. This is why I decided to reach the network

and volunteer as a regional coordinator in Brazil. I hope I can help other women as

I was helped by others on my journey.

Please do contact me if you wish to connect in Brazil or would like a friendly listening ear:

Instagram: @minhamenopausaprecoce

Thanks so much.